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Writer-director Barry Levinson's autobiographical first feature fondly remembers his Baltimore youth. It's late 1959, and six guys in their early twenties are stumbling into adulthood, alternating responsibility with carefree time at their local diner. The story centers on the return from college of Billy (Tim Daly) to serve as best man at the wedding of his pal Eddie (Steve Guttenberg). Billy is consumed by a confusing relationship with a close female friend, while Eddie still lives at home, preparing a football trivia test for his fiancée and vowing to cancel the wedding if she fails. Other characters woven into the narrative include Boogie (Mickey Rourke), a womanizer with a gambling problem, and Shrevie (Daniel Stern), a music addict with a troubled marriage.

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Special Features * Behind-the-scenes documentary:"Diner: On the Flip Side" with all-new introduction featuring writer/director Barry Levinson and the film's stars * Interactive menus * 2 theatrical trailers * Scene access * Languages & subtitles: English & Français

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WA65077 Diner DVD (1982/Mickey Rourke/Kevin Bacon/Daniel Stern) $5.99