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A box-office success during the early '70s, this blaxploitation flick traces the life of a Bay Area pimp facing drug dealers, crooked cops and fellow pimps ready to settle a few scores. Richard Pryor makes a small appearance as Slim.

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Special Features * cc * Widescreen version of the film * Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, DTS Surround Sound, Stereo Surround Sound * Feature-length audio commentary with star Max Julien, Director Micheal Campus, producer Harvey Bernhard, actors Dick Anthony Williams, Annazette Chase, Don Gordon and Geroge Murdok * Original documentary: Makin' ain't easy...the stories behind the making of this Cult Classic are more outrageous than those on-screen. a look back at the Mack illuminates radical politics of Oakland in the 70's and explains why this film still influences filmmakers and hip-hop artists today * Theatrical trailer

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WAT5566 Mack DVD (1973/Max Julien) $5.99