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Robert Mitchum stars alongside son Christopher and grandson Bentley in this powerful drama about family and forgiveness costarring Tess Harper and Claire Bloom. Diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Wyoming ranch foreman Jack Palmer (Robert Mitchum) makes the trek to Los Angeles for treatment. On the way, he decides to visit the family he deserted 30 years earlier and hasn’t seen since. While his ex-wife Sally (Bloom) tries to forgive him, their son Tom (Christopher Mitchum) remains deeply embittered and refuses to even shake hands. Bonding with his grandson Johnny (Bentley Mitchum), who’s thrilled to finally meet him, Jack tries to make amends for the past with what little time he has left.

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Special Features * Exclusive Bonus Material Written and Directed by Michael Moore * * Sorry, House-Flippers and Banks- You're Toast in Flint, MI * * Congressman Cummings Dares to Speak the Unspeakable * The Omnivore's Dilemma? It's Capitalism * The Rich Don't Go to Heaven (There's a Special Place Reserved for Them!) * * How to Run the Place Where You Work * Commie Taxi Drivers - "You Talkin' To Me?" - in Wisconsin * * What If, Just If, We Had Listened to Jimmy Carter in 1979? * * The Socialist Bank of - North Dakota? * The Banks Kick Them Out, Max Kicks Them Back In * * NY Times Pulitzer Prize Winner Chris Hedges on the Killing Machine Known as Capitalism

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WAA368020 Promises To Keep DVD (1986/Robert Mitchum) $19.95