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Starring Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea, Internes Canít Take Money launched a series of movies and TV programs featuring the famous Dr. Kildare character. Young Dr. Jimmie Kildare (McCrea), interning at a clinic, falls for his patient Janet Haley (Stanwyck). The feeling is mutual but Janet has a secret she will not divulge: She is the widow of a bank robber who hid their daughter before he died and she is desperately trying to find the little girl. She will use anyone - including Dr. Kildare - to get the child back. The doctorís association with gangster Lloyd Nolan and Janet's connection with gangster Stanley Ridges bring it all to a rousing climax, filled with action, suspense and the unexpected!

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MC13479 Internes Can't Take Money DVD (1937/Barbara Stanwyck) $17.99