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Screen legend Barbara Stanwyck stars as a 109-year-old woman who recounts the story of her eventful life in The Great Manís Lady. After Hoyt City dedicates a statue to its founder Ethan Hoyt (Joel McCrea), the woman who inspired his achievement, Hanna Sampler (Stanwyck), tells their story to a young biographer. She begins with their elopement in 1848 when she was a headstrong girl of 16 and Ethan was an idealist yearning to build a city in the West. Their future was fraught with difficulties, from life in a prairie shack to a fruitless search for gold and, ultimately, to Ethanís jealousy over Hannaís friendship with gambler (Brian Donlevy). Through it all, she remained what she is today: the woman who sacrificed everything for Ethanís sake.

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