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Before Psycho, Peeping Tom, and Repulsion, there was Diabolique. This thriller from Henri‑Georges Clouzot, which shocked audiences in Europe and the U.S., is the story of two women—the fragile wife and the willful mistress of a sadistic school headmaster—who hatch a daring revenge plot. With its unprecedented narrative twists and unforgettably scary images, Diabolique is a heart-grabbing benchmark in horror filmmaking, featuring outstanding performances by Simone Signoret, Vera Clouzot, and Paul Meurisse.

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Special Features

* New digital restoration (with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition)
* Selected-scene commentary by French-film scholar Kelley Conway
* New video interview with Serge Bromberg, codirector of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno
* New video interview with horror film expert Kim Newman
* New and improved English subtitle translation
* PLUS: A booklet featuring a new essay by film critic Terrence Rafferty

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