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In 16th-century England, the corrupt King Henry VIII (Robert Shaw) betrays the Roman Catholic Church to divorce his wife and marry his latest conquest Anne Boleyn (Vanessa Redgrave). Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield) is then forced to choose between his principles and duty to his heretical king, who has begun executing the treasonous with increasing frequency. The historically profound battle of ideals also involves Cardinal Wolsey (Orson Welles), Thomas Cromwell (Leo McKern), and More's valiant wife (Wendy Hiller).

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Special Features Winner of six Oscars®, including Best Picture (1966), best director (Fred Zinnemann), and best actor (Paul Scofield) "The Life of Sir Thomas More" short featurette

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CO03256 Man For All Seasons DVD (1966/Paul Scofield) $14.95