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Turner Classic Movies and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment proudly present Glenn Ford: Undercover Crimes an unprecedented collection of five fully restored and re-mastered crime classics never before released on DVD.
The Lady In Question, 1940) The first film to pair dynamic screen duo Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth, this movie marked a turning point in both their careers from "B" films to higher-production features. Based on the French film (Gribouille, 1937), this offbeat comedy/drama tells the tale of a middle-aged Parisian (Brian Aherne) who reports for jury duty and ends up bringing the defendant (Hayworth) home to his family after she is acquitted of a charge of murdering her lover. Anything but innocent, she soon has the man's son (Ford) committing petty crimes to fund their romantic escape.
Framed, 1947) Fresh from his breakthrough role in (Gilda, 1946) Ford delivers another great performance as a tough guy undone by a woman. Femme fatale Paula (Janice Carter) sees a fall guy in Mike Lambert (Ford), who happens to look a lot like her boyfriend Steve (Barry Sullivan) and is prone to blackouts when drinking. With a screenplay by Ben Maddow (The Asphalt Jungle, 1950) and cinematography by Academy Award(R) winner Burnett Guffey (Bonnie and Clyde, 1967), this a tense and atmospheric film noir in the mold of (The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1946).
(The Undercover Man, 1949) Ford stars as an investigator for the Treasury Department who helps bring down a mobster in this superb crime thriller by "B" crime movie master Joseph H. Lewis (Gun Crazy, 1950). Ford modeled his character on real-life Agent Frank J. Wilson and supporting actor Ralph Volkie based his ruthless gangster on Al Capone, who was finally brought to justice by Wilson and his fellow "number crunchers" at the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The strong supporting cast includes Nina Foch (An American in Paris, 1951) and James Whitmore (The Asphalt Jungle, 1950)
In his movie debut. (Mr. Soft Touch, 1949) Showcasing his ability to play both tough noir heroes and likeable comedy leads, Ford carries this uncommon blend of whimsical comedy and hard-boiled crime thriller that was the work of two directors (Gordon Douglas of 1968's), (The Detective) and Henry Levin of 1963's (Come Fly with Me) and two cinematographers (Charles Lawton, Jr., 1947's, (The Lady from Shanghai), and Joseph Walker, 1946's (It's a Wonderful Life). Ford is WWII veteran Joe Miracle, who is torn between evening the score with a mobster (Roman Bohnen) who has taken his nightclub and helping a social worker who has stolen his heart (Evelyn Keyes, in her sixth and final film with Ford).
Convicted, 1950) Sentenced to prison for an accidental killing, Joe Hufford (Ford) is given a second chance at life by a sympathetic warden (Broderick Crawford) and a chance at love by the warden's daughter (Dorothy Malone) in this adaptation of the 1929 play (The Criminal Code) by Pulitzer Prize winner Martin Flavin

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