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Not only is Grant superb in every film, but he is paired with 4 peerless leading ladies - Irene Dunne, Katharine Hepburn, Jean Arthur x2 and Rosalind Russell. Three of the scripts are based on plays - "Holiday", "His Girl Friday" and "The Awful Truth". "Holiday" is a freewheeling comedy with a message. "Friday" is the brilliant reworking of "The Front Page" with a gender change and "Truth" one of the peaks of the screwball genre. "Only Angels have Wings" is a ripping adventure and "The Talk of the Town" combines comedy, romance and a message in the vein of Frank Capra. This is Hollywood at its most entertaining and accomplished.

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Special Features * Includes an exclusive set of collectible postcards with vintage photographs * All 5 discs are loaded with featurettes and commentaries * Collectible packaging

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