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Beloved Rogue stars John Barrymore as legendary Parisian poet/vagabond Francois Villon. The film follows the basic chronology of all Villon dramatizations (If I Were King, The Vagabond King etc.): To ensure the loyalty of his subjects, crotchety King Louis XI (Conrad Veidt) appoints the waggish Villon king for one day. This proves to be a blessing when Villon rouses the thieves, tramps, trollops and other assorted Parisian lowlifes to defend the walled city against the invading Burgundians. U.S. 1927 Color Tinted 98 Min. United Artists Full-Frame (1.33:1) Directed by Alan Crosland Screenplay by Paul Bern Photographed by Joseph H. August Art Direction: William Cameron Menzies With John Barrymore, Conrad Veidt, Marceline Day, Henry Victor, Angelo Rossitto, Mack Swain Piano score (1971) by William P. Perry

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Filmed Introduction by Orson Welles

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