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"The Last Picture Show" is a study of life in the small Texas town of Anarene during the 1950's. Based on a Larry McMurtry novel, it takes place on the eve of the Korean War. Sam the Lion (Ben Johnson) owns the diner, the pool hall, and the Royal Theater, the only forms of recreation in town. Sonny Crawford (Timothy Bottoms) and Duane Jackson (Jeff Bridges) are co-captains of the local football team. Johnson and Cloris Leachman both won Supporting Actor Oscars, and the film features many actors who went on to major film careers, including Cybill Shepherd, Ellen Burstyn, and Randy Quaid. The soundtrack is filled with 50's pop music by Tony Bennett, Jo Stafford, Eddie Fisher, Johnny Ray, and Hank Snow. Nickelodeon- This is a wonderful film for fans of film, particularly the early days of Hollywood. It provides a humorous insight into the early days, fraught with rivalries, shady dealings and fly-by-night camera crews. Bogdanovich styles his film in the style of these early films, with black and white cinematography, and whimsical physical comedy bits reminiscent of silent films. The dialogue plays like old Hollywood; rapid-fire and witty.

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SPECIAL FEATURES: NICKELODEON On the first disc for "NICKELODEON", you can watch the film in its original color theatrical presentation or it's B&W Director's cut. In the Director's commentary for the Director's Cut, the commentary by Director Peter Bogdanovich. Bogdanovich is blunt and to the point. Immediately talking about what he wanted for the film but the studio was against it. How he wished Cybill Shepherd took the main actress role because it would have made a better film. But most of all talking about the people who influenced this film for him and his impressions of the talent behind the film. The film does showcase "Birth of a Nation" and Bogdanovich addresses why it was used and also discusses how things were for that era. It was a different time and the director definitely goes into that in the commentary. THE LAST PICTURE SHOW This second disc features the "THE LAST PICTURE SHOW" and there are five special features included. * COMMENTARY - For this film, Director Peter Bogdanovich agrees that he was not easy to work with and how the crew disliked him. His goal was to make sure the talent's performances were real and believable and wanted things to be run his way and not Hollywood's way. Bogdanovich also discussed how Orson Welles was a big support for him in requesting for the film to be shot in black and white. Very good technical commentary on how certain scenes were shot and overall direction. Very informative commentary by Director Peter Bogdanovich. * A DISCUSSION WITH FILMMAKER PETER BOGDANOVICH - (12:52) Interviews with Director Peter Bogdanovich and how became a director, his thoughts about "THE LAST PICTURE SHOW" now. Also, other comments on his feelings about positive and negative reviews towards his films and how the film doesn't seem dated but how it became an iconic film for him (not his favorite though). * THE LAST PICTURE SHOW: A LOOK BACK - (1:04:37) A newer featurette of "THE LAST PICTURE SHOW" featuring interviews with Director Peter Bogdanovich, writer Frank Marshall, Cybill Shepherd, Jeff Bridges, Ellyn Burstyn, Eileen Brennan and Cloris Leachman. An awesome featurette as Bogdanovich and talent talked about their experiences on being part of the film. Behind-the-scenes information from the talent about Bogdanovich casting them to his attitude during filming and more. A lot of informative commentary how nerveracking the sex scene between Timothy Bottoms and Leachman, Cybill Shepherd having to strip down her clothes, how Timothy Bottoms younger brother Sam was cast for the film, how Ben Johnson took some major prodding to be part of the film and more. Also, learning a little about the relationship at the time between Bogdanovich and Shepherd. Also, learning how the town that the film is based on really despised the film (because hidden skeletons were now made public) but it was a true depiction of the small town. * THEATRICAL RE-RELEASE FEATURETTE - (6:04) The original featurette by Director Peter Bogdanovich talking about "THE LAST PICTURE SHOW". Shot in the early 70's. Bogdanovich talks about the many talent working on the film and how they were cast. * ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER - (3:06) the Original B/W trailer.

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