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Italian master Ermanno Olmi (Tree of the Wooden Clogs)recreates the Journey of the Magi in this unique interpretation of one of the Bible's most beloved tales. And, though the story is familiar, Olmi's telling of it is inspired and fresh. When one of the Magi sees a comet streak across the sky, he interprets the heavenly body as a divine message. He embarks on a journey in the direction of the "star," accompanied by a caravan of assistants, soldiers, merchants, and villagers. After two other Magi join the caravan, the journey unfolds as a test of faith and strength for its participants. KEEP WALKING was shot on location in northern Italy, where the rugged landscape effectively recalls an ancient time. Rustic yet poetic, the film is spiritual in a way that is sure to move viewers of all faiths.

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Special Features *Booklet featuring a full biography and filmography of the director *Informative explanation of the film's biblical references and homages.

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