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Legitimate, if possible, but crime of humorous description, no objection. Reply at once - Box X 10, The Times." With the placement of this curious advert, Capt. Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, World War One veteran and peacetime `casualty,' boldly entered the annals of adventurers. Quick-witted and two-fisted, Drummond, the creation of Herman C. "Sapper" McNeile, busted crime across the continents and across novels, plays, films and more. Ronald Colman makes his talkie debut as the titular hero in Bulldog Drummond, featuring Joan Bennett as the lady who answers the ad, desperate for answers about her uncle's breakdown and the sinister asylum tending to his treatment. Next, Walter Pidgeon dons the `one-twos' of Bulldog as the sleuth is called out of retirement by Scotland Yard and forced to pair up with.a woman (Margaret Leighton) !

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WAA596937 Bulldog Drummond/Calling Bulldog Drummond DVD (1929/1951) $21.99