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A high school senior and his friends invent a time machine so that future generations of students won't have to endure some of the more preventable adolescent pains, only to find that they have inadvertently opened a black hole in the process. Virgil (Jason Dolley) and his pals are determined to make life a little easier for the less popular students in their high school, and in order to make that happen they create a time machine. But strange things can happen when you go messing with the laws of physics, and when Virgil and friends open a black hole they find that turning back the clock can have messy repercussions.

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Special Features Backstage Disney: "The Making of Minuteman: a Trip Back in Time" Music and more: "Run it Back Again" music video performed by Corbin Bleu

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WD56112 Minutemen DVD (2008/Jason Dolley) $9.99