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Prince of Foxes is set during the Italian Renaissance and chronicles the courage of the one man with enough honor and bravery to stand up against the evil machinations of the megalomaniacal Cesare Borgia. Filmed on location in Italy, the story begins as Borgia relates his plans to his aide and confidant Andrea Corsini. His first target is an impregnable fortress defended by the Duke of Alfonso D'Este, a famed cannon maker. Since force will not allow Borgia to breach the walls he decides to try a different tack. Using Corsini as a pawn, he decides to try and convince the Duke to marry Lucrezia Borgia, his sister. Corsini succeeds, and Borgia then orders him to seduce the wife of an old duke who runs a strategically important duchy. But after meeting his intended victim and her husband, Corsini balks. Enraged, Borgia decides to take a more direct approach.

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Special Features Isolated score track Movietone News: Tyrone Power weds Linda Christian in Rome ceremony Still gallery Advertising gallery Original theatrical trailer

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