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Chosen Survivors concerns a group of eleven men and women chosen by the government to wait out WWIII. Yep, they get to repopulate the planet! Luckily, our beloved elected officials have thought of everything, sending these folks deep beneath the earth. Once there, they are greeted by a pre-recorded message telling them that the world has been destroyed. Tensions start to build as each person tries to comprehend what has happened. Unfortunately, things go badly, as a massive swarm of vampire bats somehow infiltrate the underground facility, hungry for the red stuff! Richard Jaeckel (Grizzly, Day Of The Animals, The Dark) is the military engineer. Bradford Dillman (Bug, Piranha) is the psychiatrist who just might know something the others don't. Jackie Cooper (Superman 1 and 2) is the slimy corporate executive of the bunch.

The Earth Dies Screaming is sort of the British version of TARGET EARTH. The movie opens with a train crashing, a plane plummeting from the sky, etc. It seems that some alien force has unleashed poison gas on mankind! Soon, a few survivors find each other and attempt to make sense of it all. Our heroes are hunted by lumbering, annoyingly slow robots. Also, some re-animated zombies w/ eyes like boiled eggs are shambling around. Watch for Dennis Price (Horror Hospital, Tower Of Evil) as a sneaky jerk with selfish plans of his own.

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