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Stop! Don't light that joint until you watch these three crackpot cannabis classics from the 1930. Get the inside dope on the drug craze, and see what actually happens behind the locked doors of a marijuana party! Reefer turns a good girl into a heroin-selling slut in the delirious, over-the-top non-masterpiece "Marihuana" (1936, 56 min.), from infamous exploitation film pioneer Dwain Esper (Maniac). Then, a clean-cut reporter tries to infiltrate a teenage gang of delinquent potheads in "Assassin of Youth" (1937, 73 min.), only to plunge into a pit of doobie-induced immorality. Plus, as a special bonus, the one and only "Reefer Madness" (1936, 65 min.) as you've never seen it before--digitally transferred from a beautiful 35mm print.

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ID97445SW Marihuana/Assassin of Youth/Reefer Madness DVD (1936/1935/1936) $19.98