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Kim Novak and Tony Curtis make their TV movie debuts in this poignant tale of shattered dreams from director Peter Medak (The Ruling Class). A chorus girl for 14 years, Gloria Joyce (Novak) is at the end of the line. She’s just turned 36, her looks are starting to fade and the club where she works is going topless. So when her boyfriend of 13 years (Curtis) dodges the question of marriage, Gloria takes comfort in the arms of a 23-year-old delivery boy (Michael Brandon), the only one she feels understands her. So when her lover breaks in on their tryst and draws a line in the sand, Gloria must decide which way her future lies, in the past or in the present. Produced by Playboy Productions, The Third Girl from the Left aired on October 16, 1973, and was written by Oscar®-nominated* lyricist Dory Previn. It also featured two songs composed especially for the film: one sung by Previn herself, the other by Tony Curtis. * Best Music, Original Song for Pepe (1960), Two for the Seesaw (1962) and The Sterile Cuckoo (1969).

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