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One of Paramount’s funniest films of the forties is this Preston Sturges screwball classic staring Betty Hutton (The Greatest Show on Earth) and Eddie Bracken (Hail the Conquering Hero.) Hutton is Trudy Kockenlocker, a small-town gal who feels it is her patriotic duty to dance the night away with soldiers who are headed oversees. But after too many glasses of “victory lemonade,” Trudy jitterbugs right into a chandelier – and awakens the next morning to find a mysterious wedding ring on her finger, and no recollection of her new “husband”! That’s when she decides to find a quick, surrogate spouse and sets her sights on her lovelorn, childhood friend, Norval Jones (Bracken). This frantic, audacious comedy hit landed Sturges a 1944 Academy Award® nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

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WAA385521 Miracle of Morgan's Creek DVD (1944/Betty Hutton) $19.95