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1.) THE NIGHT OF THE FOLLOWING DAY (1968 -- 93 minutes): This is an ultra-realistic crime drama featuring Brando as one of four professional criminals who kidnap a girl (a young Pamela Franklin) and hide out at a beach house in France.

2.) THE UGLY AMERICAN (1963 -- 2 hours): This is another ultra-realistic film, an impressive political drama featuring Brando as a new American diplomat in a Vietnam-like SE Asian nation that is painfully struggling between capitalist & Communist factions.

3.) A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG (1967 -- 108 minutes): It's fun to see Brando in an atypical role in this silly, slapstick romantic comedy. Sophia Loren stars as a Russian countess who stows away in a rich American's (Brando) stateroom on a cruise liner to escape a life of forced prostitution. Teppi Hedron is also on hand. This was director Charlie Chaplin's last film; he went into a depression after its box-office failure.

4.) THE APPALOOSA (1966 -- 98 minutes): This is Brando's 'spaghetti western,' released at the height of this sub-genre's popularity. John Saxon stars as the villain who steals Brando's horse after beating him up.

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