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From the director of Things to Come and Invaders from Mars comes this delirious Cold War thriller starring Carla Balenda, Elliott Reid and Raymond Burr. Stopping to fish in the small town of Winnoga, vacationing journalist Matt Corbin (Reid) discovers most of the village was bought out by strangers when the trout mysteriously died. Deciding to investigate, Matt soon finds he can't phone out, his car won't start and Red agents are running the town. Aided by one of the locals (Balenda), Matt uncovers a Commie plot to destroy America through germ warfare, a story he may not live long enough to tell. The wildest Red Menace film of the '50s, The Whip Hand is also the most visually brilliant, thanks to its dazzling use of forced perspective, tight close-ups and ominous sets, trademarks of its production designer and director, the legendary William Cameron Menzies.

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WAA593615 Whip Hand, The DVD (1951/Carla Balenda) $19.99