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Oscar-nominated writer/director Eric Rohmer (Pauline at the Beach) delivers this "splendid, engaging, delightful revelation" (The Village View) that sparkles with humor and sizzles with romance. Heightened by the splendor of the French countryside, A Tale of Springtime is "radiantly alive, blissfully aware-and among the most beautiful and enlightening [films] in world cinema" (Los Angles Times)! The well-ordered life of Jeanne, a high school philosophy teacher, suddenly spins into disorder when a young stranger she meets at a party involves her in a devilish scheme. Natacha, an adolescent pianist with a penchant for subtly playing he elders, invites Jeanne to her father's home.hoping to make a match of the two and send her father's current lover, Eve, packing. But when the tempestuous Eve arrives at every "chance" meeting between Jeanne and Natacha's father, fireworks of an entirely different sort erupt, and everyone is forced to examine his or her own philosophies on love, relationships and other sordid affairs of the human heart.

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