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When a divorcée returns from a Caribbean cruise, her three bright-eyed girls have a surprise for her: they intend to reunite the family by bringing home the father they scarcely know. But Mom has a surprise, too: she married another man during the cruise! Family ties are knotted in a loop-de-loop for Jeanette MacDonald in her next-to-last film. She plays Louise Morgan, a longtime single mother and editor of a fashion magazine. Famed pianist and condustor Jose Iturbi portrays the man who, having won Louise’s heart, must next win her childrens’ respect. And Jane Powell, Mary Eleanor Donohue and Ann E. Todd pour on the charm (and mischief) as the Three Daring Daughters. Highlights include MacDonald and her screen daughters’ lyrical “The Dickey Bird Song” plus two stirring selections featuring Iturbi and his sister and fellow pianist Amparo. Three cheers for Three Daring Daughters!

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WAA337235 Three Daring Daughters DVD (1948/Jeanette Macdonaldr) $19.95