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Paying homage to both The Road Warrior and The Lost Boys, Solarbabies is set in a futuristic world where water is scarce, children are locked away in orphanages, and a glowing ball of frenetic energy has the power to make dreams a reality. Released theatrically in 1986, the film's cast includes a who's who of some of that decade's most popular young actors: Jami Gertz (Sixteen Candles, Less Than Zero) is alpha girl Terra; Jason Patric (The Lost Boys, Rush)) portrays hot teen Jason; and Lukas Haas (Witness, Alpha Dog) co-stars as young deaf Danny. Through plucky perseverance and a skillful knowledge of skateball (a roller version of hockey), the kids come up with a plan to save civilization from the corporate dictatorship that rations the free flow of water and also save themselves from their stifling lives in the orphanage. As Terra points out, "We must have parents somewhere." Some of the sets seem so inspired by the The Road Warrior films that you half expect Tina Turner to pop out, referring to them as Raggedy Children. Instead, we get bon mots (again from Terra) such as, "Get out, you creature of filth!" The film has a certain cheesy charm that may appeal to viewers in their mid-teens. While not an original film by any means, it does include suspense and a surprising amount of heart.

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