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It's 1865 and Robert E. Lee, in a last-ditch bid to turn the tide of war, wants the West. Lafe Barstow's task is to get it. He leads a band of Confederates to California to enlist insurrectionists. But another war roils the West. Marauding Shoshones may prove to be even fiercer foes than the Union Army. Errol Flynn saddles up for his final Western to play Barstow in a brawny tale directed by William Keighley (codirector of Flynn's The Adventures of Robin Hood ) and filmed wholly in the rugged environs of Gallup, New Mexico. Costar Patrice Wymore became Mrs. Flynn weeks before the film's release. And drawling character actor Slim Pickens (Blazing Saddles) makes his debut as one of Barstow's Johnny Rebs.

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