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The film, written and directed by Giada Colagrande (who also plays Caterina), focuses on two sisters living together after the death of their mother fifteen years earlier. The older of the two, Maria, has taken to prostitution as a means of supporting the both of them, bringing her customers home in the daytime to the same bed that she and her sister share at night. The younger sister, Caterina, is a shy 17-year old virgin who has been made a virtual prisoner in the apartment in which they live, being allowed to venture out only to take dancing lessons several times a week (even her schooling is done at home). Caterina accepts her fate good-naturedly and almost gratefully, even though she is forced to watch and listen - with an attitude of growing resentment and envy - as a steady stream of men flows in and out of the bedroom to make love to her sister. Maria wields a tremendous amount of power in her relationship with Caterina, essentially isolating the youngster from any meaningful contact with the outside world. Is this done out of a perverted sense of love and duty, a desire to protect her sister from the problems of life on the outside? Or is it a product of her own innate need to subjugate and dominate a weaker individual who never complains about her treatment and who seemingly loves Maria unconditionally? Colagrande never spells out the answers for us explicitly, but we do see the way in which Maria manipulates Caterina to her own advantage, going so far as to make her her lover despite their being siblings. But even Maria can have only so much control over another person and, eventually, Caterina's growing desire for men begins to manifest itself. When Caterina becomes attracted to one of Maria's customers - a middle-aged custodian at the dance school Caterina attends - the man gets pulled into a bizarre sexual triangle that begins Maria's descent into premeditated violence and murder.

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