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Horror of Party Beach -- "Weird atomic beasts...who live off human blood!" prey in the 1960s cult classic once referred to as "The First Horror Monster Musical." A drag race between hot rodders and bikers winds up at a swingin’ rock-and-roll beach party. Nearby, a barrel containing radioactive waste is unloaded from a passing ship, and plunged to the bottom of the sea. When it splits against a jagged rock, black liquid oozes onto a human skull. Suddenly, a vicious monster slowly twitches into life, and THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH is born! Curse of the Living Corpse -- In the true "Old Dark House" tradition comes THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE, an early gore pic known as one of the first "slasher" films ever made! New England, 1892. Family patriarch Rufus Sinclair has recently died and is comfortably resting in his crypt ? or is he? His bickering relatives assemble at the Sinclair estate for the reading of his will, which includes a number of strict demands to be followed to the letter. If not, Sinclair threatens to return to life and kill each of them in the manner that they fear most! Naturally, no one listens to the ominous warning and one by one, the murders occur in the most grotesque methods imaginable!

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Special Features * Commentary by director Del Tenney on both films * Interview with Del Tenney * Still gallery * Trailers

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MP7731 Curse Of The Living Corpse/Horror of Party Beach DVD (1964/Candace Hilligoss/1963/Del Tenney) $14.98