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Nightmares Come At Night - Two beautiful exotic dancers begin a sensual relationship together. One of the vixens is plagued by disturbing and graphically violent nightmares. As she envisions herself committing unspeakable acts of violence, dreams and reality merge. Flesh For The Beast - At the turn of the century, notorious occultist Alfred Fischer conjures up a brothel full of ravenous demons in a bizarre ritual. Taking the form of beautiful women, the beasts desire human flesh. A century after Fischer meets his mysterious end, a team of para-psychologists search for signs of the spirits. In no time they are besieged by sexy demons, a madman with a secret past, and a horde of slaughtering zombies! Werewolf Woman - Daniela channels her hatred towards men by summoning and becoming possessed by a deceased and vicious female werewolf. She seduces victims with her charm, and sexual drive before turning into the Wolf-woman to graphically take bloody revenge and kill them. The film has been restored to its original vision as Rino Disilvestro had initially intended.

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TSVD0701 Wicked Women DVD (Nightmares Come at Night/Flesh for the Beast/Werewolf Woman) $19.95 $17.99