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1857 - Captain Miguel Sebiastian (Lawrence Dobkin) - Tiger of San Luis - and his men defend their land against the invading American troops led by Angus McKane (Jim Davis) but fall short of success. Three years later, with the war long over, the Mexican homesteaders are in still dire, poverty-stricken straits as McKane and his ruthless band of marauding raiders scourge the land. Now there is trouble brewing in the newly founded McKaneville - Circuit Judge Ward (Louis Jean Heydt) and his son Marshall Young (Faron Young) arrive to find the town in an upheaval. McKane has effectively abolished law and order, and an endless number of property disputes are the inevitable result. McKane appears to have a legal title over the land previously owned by Miguel Sebastian, but the lawmen suspect foul play - not least of all because of McKane s murderously insane troubleshooter Pardee (Lee Van Cleef) . Pardee is dispatched to the rancher Scott (Harry Lauter) to warn him of the imminent investigation over the land grant. Johnson has had a burden of guilt over benefiting from an illegal land grab. Despite Purdee s threat to kill his lovely wife Julie (Arleen Whelan) if he doesn t cooperate, he comes clean with the lawmen. After being shot by McKane s gang while on his way to testify against the, and passes on a valuable piece of information. Gunfights and horseback chases galore ensue... The action continues to Los Cresta, where Miguel Sebastian is found to be alive and able to crack McKane s game wide open. Attempt to stop Sebastian from reaching court are repeatedly foiled by the fast gun and steel nerves of Marshall Young. Left with no other recourse, McKane is forced to bribe his mercenary gang to fight to the finish. Will justice prevail, or avarice gain the upper hand?

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