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Name a comedian in the first part of the 20th century—Charley Chase worked with them, either on or off screen. He was a brilliant comedy writer, film director, and a major movie star. Almost single-handedly, he transformed the world of screen comedy from chaotic slapstick violence into a newly sophisticated comedy of manners, and laid the groundwork for the modern sitcom. He was the world’s biggest skinny man—and this is where his legend begins. This deluxe 4 disc collection provides a comprehensive look at Charley Chase’s early years, from his days as a budding talent at Mack Sennett’s Keystone Studios to becoming one of Hollywood’s most in-demand comedy directors to his breakthrough as one of the top box office draws of the 1920s. Over 40 rare comedy shorts form 1915-1925 and surviving extracts of “lost” films digitally restored from materials provided by private collectors and major institutions from around the world. Featuring new music by the Snark Ensemble, Ben Model, the Redwine Jazz Band, and the West End Jazz.

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Special Features Audio commentaries by noted film historians THE PARROTT CHASE 45 minute restrospective on the life and career of Charley Chase THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE Behind the scenes with the Snark Ensemble on the making of the music for this set Archival interview with Chase's daughter June Collectible CineNotes booklet

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