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While playing with her Superman card in her apartment, Pepi (Carmen Maura) is visited by her neighbor and dirty policeman, who saw her vases with a plantation of marijuana on the window, rapes her and she is not arrested. Pepi plots revenge and calls her punk friends, and they mistakenly beat the policeman's twin brother up along the night on the sidewalk of a street. Pepi introduces her punk singer friend Bom (Alaska) to the policeman's masochistic wife Lucinda (Luciana), and when Bom urinates on her face, she falls in love for Bom and leaves her husband. Pepi, Luci and Bom go to underground concerts, bars and parties, but when the policeman meets Luci alone, he beats her up and she returns to him, while Pepi and Bom stay together.

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UK6 Pepi Luci Bom DVD (1980/Pedro Almodovar)
***Region 2 DVD.*** Will only play on computers or multi-region DVD players. Not made for playback on North American DVD players.