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South American car-racing champ "Bulldog" Banks (Lyle Talbot) has a secret - he's really a wanted fugitive from the USA named Wally Storm! Clashing with former Sanford Racing Team teammate Robert Griffin (Gavin Gordon) over the attentions of the team's "female mechanician" Pat Sanford (Mary Astor), Wally finds his wheels locked up with Griffin's during a race with fatal consequences. Convicted of murder, Wally is sent to the pen, where he makes a daring escape thanks to mechanic pal Bud Keene (Roscoe Karns) - on the day that Pat is getting him a pardon! Now fugitive Wally becomes "Bulldog" Banks, the driving ace of the southern Americas. But Bulldog's fame - and his name - reaches Pat Sanford in the north, and she lays a trap to entice Wally to return. And she's the bait! This fast-paced rouser keeps the pedal to the medal all the way to its rousing, romantic finish.

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WAA636721 Red Hot Tires DVD (1935/Lyle Talbot/Mary Astor) $21.99