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Terrorists break into an operating room and take the surgical team hostage in this gripping suspense thriller based on the best-selling novel by Gerald Green (The Last Angry Man) and starring Bradford Dillman, Loretta Swit, Cameron Mitchell, Vic Morrow and Carl Weathers. As Dr. Eric Lake (Dillman) and his staff perform open-heart surgery on billionaire Walker Bench, terrorist John Trask (Stephen Davies) and his men enter the room and hold the physicians at gunpoint. Demanding $10 million in cash, Trask will kill Bench and Lake unless the ransom is paid in two hours. As the billionaire's company scrambles to raise the money and a rescue attempt goes fatally awry, the authorities and doctors realize there are terrorists planted among the hospital staff and no one knows whom they can trust.

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WAA591943 Hostage Heart DVD (1977/Bradford Dillman/Loretta Swit) $21.99