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The Our Gang comedies accounted for more films than any other series, totaling 221 between 1922 and 1944. But just one of those outings provided big roles for America's favorite little pals: General Spanky, the gang's only feature film. Hoping to match the success of Shirley Temple's Civil War-based The Little Colonel and The Littlest Rebel, Hal Roach selected the same era and southern setting for General Spanky. Spanky (George McFarland), Alfalfa (Carl Switzer), Buckwheat (Billie Thomas) and others form an army called "The Royal Protection of Women and Children Regiment Club of the World and Mississippi River." The group sees unexpected action when Union troops approach, engaging in battles more farcical than fierce. Using clowning tactics instead of military tactics, the kids stop the advance...and later save an adult friend from the firing squad. And through it

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