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Sheer, utter madness is the order of the day in this laugh riot on wheels that features one of America's all-time favorite funnymen, Red Skelton. In a story ranging from the weird to the whimsical, Skelton plays "Red," an accident-prone inventor of safety gadgets (no one can bump his head any funnier) who winds up driving a cab to prove the worth of his latest brainchild, Elastiglass. But while he is falling in love with the cab company's claims adjuster (Gloria De Haven), a crooked lawyer (Edward Arnold) and a phony psychiatrist (Walter Slezak) are plotting to steal his secret formula. One attempt results in a hilarious truth-serum sequence that sends Red back to the playpen and his famous "mean widdle kid" characterization. Climaxed by a frenzied free-for-all chase inside a home-show exposition - complete with a rotating house-of-the-future gone berserk - The Yellow Cab Man features Red Skelton's broad brand of comedy at its wacky best.

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WA30920 Yellow Cab Man DVD (1950/Red Skelton) $19.98