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Years change, handsome Dorian Gray does not. He remains youthful- looking. But a portrait of him tells another story. It changes with the years, revealing the horrific effects of Gray’s life of debauchery and evil. From Oscar Wilde’s novel and filmed in a rapturous, deep-focus style that earned a Best Cinematography Academy Award, this chilling tale remains unchanging in its power to entertain. Hurd Hatfield plays the rakish title character in this morality tale, also featuring George Sanders as a Wilde-like dandy who leads Gray to perdition, Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Angela Lansbury as a music-hall thrush victimized by Gray, plus Donna Reed and Peter Lawford. Every picture tells a story. But none tells as haunting a tale of terror like The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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Special Features: SPECIAL FEATURES: • Commentary by Angela Lansbury and Historian Steve Haberman • Oscar-Winning** Short Stairway to Light • Oscar-Winning** Cartoon Quiet Please! • Theatrical Trailer • Subtitles: English , Français & Español (Feature Film Only).

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