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Prohibition's ban on booze is over, and that means bootlegger Remy Marco must make some changes. Don't go calling his beer-peddling enterprise a racket. It's now a business. Employees are no longer lugs or palookas, they're associates. And don't refer to Marco as da boss. Use sir. He's gone legit, see? Edward G. Robinson plays Marco, spoofing his Little Caesar persona in a comedy spree based on Damon Runyon and Howard Lindsay's Broadway play. Lloyd Bacon, director of Robinson's gangster sendups Brother Orchid and Larceny, Inc., guides with screwball flair as corpses, creditors, the swellest of swells and more mayhem descend on Marco. Allen Jenkins, Edward Brophy and Harold Huber ? with 340+ career credits between them ? are among the lugs-cum-associates. You're about to open a major case of laughter.

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Special Features Warner Night at the Movies 1938: vintage newsreel, Oscar-nominated drama short Declaration of Independence, classic cartoon The Night Watchman New featurette Prohibition Opens the Floodgates Commentary by film historian Robert Sklar Theatrical trailer

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