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Real-life buddies and Warner Bros. colleagues Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson appeared in 11 films together - dramas and musicals alike - and scored their own starring vehicle as Two Guys from Milwaukee, a "Crown Prince and the Cabby" comedy where runaway royalty befriends a working-schmo taxi driver and the laughs flow as smoothly as a boilermaker goes down. A huge Lauren Bacall fan, Balkan prince Henry (Morgan) wants to meet the common folk, and incredulous hackie Buzz Williams (Carson) happily obliges, spiriting him off to his Brooklyn home turf. Meanwhile, the prince's aide Count Oswald (S.Z. Sakall) holds off police and media "bloodhounds" hunting the prince, while blustery Buzz bumbles into one jealousy-driven mess after another when his impatient fiance? ( Joan Leslie) cozies up to his new royal best friend. Janis Paige, Rosemary DeCamp and Franklin Pangborn costar in this lightweight but engaging buggy ride as His Highness gets the lowdown on American democracy and - in a clever finale cameo - gets his fondest wish. -

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