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Here it is – the original. MGM’s Crime Does Not Pay, oft imitated, never matched, an intimate look at mankind’s most seductive and destructive past time – CRIME. Crafted as only MGM can. Includes: Buried Loot, Alibi Racket, Desert Death, A Thrill for Thelma, Hit and Run Driver, The Perfect Setup, Fool Proof, Public Pays, Torture Money, It May Happen to You, Soak the Poor, Give Till It Hurts, Behind the Criminal, What Price Safety, Miracle Money, Come Across, A Criminal is Born, They're Always Caught, Think It Over, The Wrong Way Out, Money to Loan, While America Sleeps, Help Wanted, Think First, Drunk Driving, Pound Foolish, Know Your Money, Jackpot, Women in Hiding, Buyer Beware, Soak the Old, You, the People, Respect the Law, Forbidden Passage, Coffins on Wheels, Sucker List, Don't Talk, For the Common Defense, Keep 'Em Sailing, Plan for Destruction, Patrolling the Ether, Easy Life, Dark Shadows, The Fall Guy, The Last Installment, Phantoms, Inc., A Gun in His Hand, Purity Squad, The Luckiest Guy in the World, EC: Eyes of the Navy

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WAA18249 Crime Does Not Pay: The Complete Shorts DVD Collection (1935-1947) $39.95