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A single father, Monty, is a garage mechanic who lives in a poor neighborhood and struggles to make ends meet as he raises his three young daughters on his own. But when the courts award custody of his daughters to his corrupt, drug-dealing ex-wife, Monty desperately tries to win them back, enlisting the help of Julia, a beautiful - and hard-nosed - attorney he meets during his short stint as a chauffeur. While Monty and the Ivy-League-educated Julia couldn't be less alike, an unexpected romance blossoms--and it soon begins to feel like true love. But in order for their relationship to survive, the couple must reconcile their two very different worlds - and overcome the forces that threaten to tear Monty's family apart.

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Special Features * Audio commentary by Tyler Perry * Extended church scene * Atlanta Aquarium: "Working Underwater" * Tyler's Team: Cast and characters * Introducing the McClain Sisters * 16x9 widescreen version * English 5.1 and 2.0 dolby digital audio * Spanish 2.0 dolby digital audio * English and Spanish subtitles

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LGE21402 Daddy's Little Girls DVD (2007/Idris Elba) $9.98