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Main character Dante Hicks is a 24-year-old store clerk. He and current floozy girlfriend Caitlin are on fairly good terms until the conversation turns to the number of other lovers each has had. Meanwhile, Dante pines for old flame Veronica, whose engagement notice just appeared in the paper. Slacker friend Randal clerks the (mostly customer-free) video store next door until he gets bored and pops into the market to annoy Dante and insult his customers. There are rooftop street hockey games, a fiasco in a funeral parlor, a list of porn titles raw enough to curdle sewage, a renewed romance and a dead guy in a bathroom. Just another day at the mini-mart.

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Special Features * Deleted scenes with introduction by 'Kevin Smith' * Alternate ending * Music video by Soul Asylum

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WD17365 Clerks DVD (1999/Kevin Smith) $9.98