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Director Richard Lester has reassembled his original cast of swashbucklers in The Return of the Musketeers, a sumptuous, action-packed adventure. Twenty years ago, DArtagnan (Michael York), Athos (Oliver Reed), Porthos (Frank Finlay) and Aramis (Richard Chamberlain) executed the beautiful but lethal seductress Milady De Winter. Now, Miladys ravishing daughter Justine (Kim Cattrall) has vowed revenge. Meanwhile, Athos adopted son Raoul (C. Thomas Howell) has grown to manhood and when he and Justine meet, swords and sparks fly! Can the four musketeers stay one step ahead of Justine while they race to foil a cunning political plot? For dazzling swordplay, lavish costumes, dangerous romance, breathless excitement, and a generous dose of comedy, The Return of the Four Musketeers is all for fun and fun for all!

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