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Daredevil pilot Jim Robbins and his faithful dog, Flash, crash land on a remote South Pacific island. There, Jim meets Molly James, daughter of the local missionary, and the two fall in love. While they wait for the monthly supply boat to offer them passage back to civilization and a happy life together, Jim takes a room at a trading post. He soon discovers that the post's proprietor, Otto Von Krantz, is an unscrupulous petty tyrant who keeps the island under his thumb, exploiting the natives and robbing them of what little they have. When a drunken Von Krantz assaults the tribal princess, the primitive fury of the islanders is unleashed. As the thunder of war drums rumbles through the jungle, the natives lay siege to the trading post, threatening all white people on their holy soil. Jim and Flash must protect Molly from both the natives and vile Von Krantz while they desperately search for a way to escape from the island alive.

One of the greatest dog movies ever made, The Flaming Signal is a racy pre-Code jungle adventure with thrills and shocks at every turn.

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