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The first full-length feature film by Yamina Bachir evokes memories of the worst atrocities of the terror in Algeria. RACHIDA is a moving story about a community - and especially the courageous women in it - under the threat of terror. It's a world where there is little escape from terrorism, where you can be kidnapped, raped, or shot in any moment. The young Rachida is teaching at a school in Algiers, when she is stopped in the street by a group of youths who demand she take a bomb and place it in the school. When Rachida refuses, she is cold-bloodedly shot and left for dead. Richida miraculously survives this attack, and to recover, she hides with her mother in a village far from the city. In spite of her endless fear, Rachida starts to feel whole again when she begins to teach and make new friends. Sadly, violence is unavoidable there too, and she and the other villagers must bravely continue to find small signs of hope among the endless despair.

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