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The wages of sin and the folks who earned them come to life in these two exploitation classics produced by some of Hollywood's greatest celluloid gypsies who touted three words: "For Adults Only!" "Elysia" (1934) - Discover the secrets of life at a nudist camp in this breakthrough film. In 1934 they tried everything to keep you from seeing it. Why? See for yourself! Remember, they wear only the wind! "The Road to Ruin" (1934) - The "no-no's" of proper behavior were "yes-yes" to the promoters of this film. Good girl smokes marijuana, drinks booze and has intimate relations leading to...! Helen Foster stars. Special added attraction, "How to Undress in Front of Your Husband" (1934) Starring Mrs. John Barrymore. Restored from rare surviving 35mm prints.

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Bonus Features: Motion Menu, Vintage short: Expose of the Nudist Racket, Vintage 1930's commercials , Exploitation Advertising Gallery, Bit Player Bio (Singer Jimmy Tolson).

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UEKPF515 Sex & Buttered Popcorn Granddad's Forbidden Follies DVD (1934) $9.99