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A dashing nightclub host uses his looks and charm to separate an heiress from her fortune in this riveting crime drama starring Virginia Bruce and Robert Taylor in his first leading role. When Toni Bradley (Bruce) inherits her wealthy father's New York businesses, the 22-year-old Iowan discovers she's the owner of a dog track, a hockey team and the Casa Nova Caf?, a swank Manhattan nightspot run by ladies' man Steve Gordon (Taylor). Mistaking Toni for an easy mark, shady shyster Adam Fielding (Henry Kolker) enlists Gordon's aid in a crooked plan to bilk her out of her holdings. Happy to oblige, Gordon proceeds to take the winsome blonde for a ride, unaware that Toni's nobody's fool and won't be played for a sucker. Packed with shootouts, chases and double-crosses, Times Square Lady also features the hit song "The Object of My Affection," performed in the film by Pinky Tomlin, who introduced and cowrote the tune. -

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WAA597196 Times Square Lady DVD (1935/Robert Taylor $21.99