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Anthony Hope's grand epic is brought to life in these thrilling swashbucklers. First, Ronald Colman stars in the dual role of a stricken prince and the look-alike commoner who replaces him at coronation, to the consternation of conspirators Raymond Massey and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Madeleine Carroll, David Niven, Mary Astor co-star in David O. Selznick's lavish production. Next, Stewart Granger plays both the future king of Ruritania and his English tourist doppelganger, who must assume the royal role to help foil a plot to usurp the throne. Lively adaptation also stars Deborah Kerr, James Mason and Robert Douglas.

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Special Features Pete Smith specialty short Penny Wisdom Cartoon The Wayward Pups Audio-only bonus: Lux Radio Theater Adaptation with Ronald Colman Fitzpatrick Traveltalk short Land of the Taj Mahal, Oscar-winning cartoon Johann Mouse 1952 theatrical trailer

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