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Ranch hand Bob Worth stumbles into a deadly swindle being perpetrated by Dyer, a wealthy businessman. Dyer has been buying up local ranches with generous offers, and then sending his men out to kill the sellers and retrieve his money. After visiting the Morton ranch in search of a job, Worth witnesses Dyer's thugs in action - shooting down Buck Morton. Coming to the man's aid, he is mistaken for the killer and forced to hit the road as a fugitive. Wounded in his escape, Bob finds shelter with Gallindo, the notorious Mexican bandit. Gallindo agrees to help set a trap for Dyer, which is Worth's only hope for convincing the sheriff and the lovely Lita Morton that he's no killer. Bob Steele made pictures for just about every small studio in Hollywood during the golden age of the B western. Not just a cowboy matinee star, Steele was also able to make an impact outside of the genre, playing Curly in 1939's Of Mice and Men, and the trigger-happy Lash Canino in Howard Hawks' classic noir The Big Sleep.

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ALP5084 Demon For Trouble DVD (1934/Bob Seele) $5.99