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In the Alpine valleys of Switzerland, Heidi lives an idyllic life with her beloved Grandfather. One day while tending goats in the flowery fields, Heidi and her friend, Peter, come face to face with a frightening old hermit, known to the locals as the Wild Man. Grandfather later warns Heidi to steer clear of the old man, but he worries about his ability to protect the girl, because his own eyesight is rapidly deteriorating. When Heidi meets Elizabeth, a runaway boarding school student, Grandfather shrewdly arranges for Elizabeth's wealthy father to act as Heidi's guardian. Soon after a heartbroken Heidi arrives in New York City to begin her new life, she is greeted with horrific news. While attempting to rescue her injured friend, Peter, Heidi's grandfather has completely dissapeared into the forest. This 1978 musical is based on the beloved children's novel, Heidi, written by Johanna Spyri in 1880. The young heroine's story has been updated to the 20th century while remaining true to the spirit of the original heartwarming tale. Actor Burl Ives brings his familiar and distinctive singing voice to the character of Heidi's grandfather.

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ALP5840 New Adventures of Heidi DVD (1978/Burl Ives) $5.99