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Outlaw Buck Henry, better known as "The Nevada Kid," (Bob Steele) is in the State Penitentiary for robbery when suddenly he is granted a full pardon by the Governor. It seems his old pal, Cherokee (a youthful George "Gabby" Hayes), forged the petition that freed his partner in crime. Having done his time behind bars the Kid decides to give up his outlaw life. He heads back to the small town of Rattlesnake Gulch, and is hired as a guard for the local stagecoach company. When the Kid's old gang finds out about a big shipment of gold, they rob the stagecoach, kill a passenger and frame the reformed gang member for the heist. Steele, a prolific cowboy star had a career that kept him on the studio trail for sixty years. He occasionally moved up from B westerns in the 1930s to play non-cowboy roles in other films, most notably, the hot-headed Curly in the classic Of Mice and Men.

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